With a name like “3 Drunk Monkeys” you instantly have an idea as to the type of fun you’ll have with this Dallas/Ft Worth Party/Dance/Rock cover band. Originating in January 2006, 3DM is a charismatic and diversified trio of well-established and seasoned musicians with years of professional experience, performing in bands varying in musical styles through the decades.

3DM is well known for their 3 part harmony and interchanging lead to back-up vocals, giving a larger band feel & experience in a 3 piece band thus creating a fun, interactive, professional & unique entertainment package.











3DM appeals to everyone with its ever changing list of songs covering all the decades from the 50’s thru Today. We cover all genres of music, Motown, Disco, Funk, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, & more, singing the originals & newly updated cover versions. The variety of our songs allow us to create a tailor made set list for any event for any length of time.

The music and crowd interaction will definitely get people out of their seats and onto their feet. We thrive on audience participation! The bottom line? We love what we do, have a great time and enjoy it when the crowd does too! Come and join the fun at one of our shows!

Where there’s a crowd and electricity 3DM will travel. There isn’t place too far for a party & good times.























































* Full PA, microphones, amplifiers, and lights required to perform are provided by 3DM.

* Management/Club/Event Planner: Please let of know of any special requests or requirements.

*3 Drunk Monkeys also plays under the title of 3DM & 3D Monkeys, depending on the event requirements.

*3DM is also available as an Acoustic Trio & Duo

*3DM has performed a multitude of Clubs, Venues, Weddings, Corporate Events, Marathons, Benefits, Fundraisers, and Private Parties (Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Retirement, etc), small and large.


Mark Carruth

Lead Vocals/Bass

John Franco

Lead Vocals/Drums

Steve Solomon

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Band Bio

Song List












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